Why It Works

Receive senior level business management consulting with proven solutions that can result in the following benefits:

Consulting Included

Senior level business management consulting with proven  VR solutions provided at no charge.

Increase Productivity

Enjoy even the most tedious tasks, incentives and rewards, improved monitoring and internal control tools.  Manager's know exactly when an employee is working and also what they are working on by seeing the employee's computer screen on their computer screen.

Makes Work Fun!

Reduce employee turnover by making work fun and rewarding!  We have amazing tools that work in your telework environment to put a smile on every employee's face!

Reduce Operating Costs

Real estate rentals and mortgages can be a thing of the past...  Operating costs dramatically reduced with work environments built from dreams..  Think about all the savings from not having to pay utilities, building upkeep, and associated costs on various operating expenses!

Increase Profits

Reduced operating costs, improved employee morale, improved productivity, all contribute to bottom line profits.  Our Cash Management Turnaround consulting expertise will pave the way!


Work and mental health support is now only seconds away with individual, group and region audio and text communications.  Support groups for any work related or personal growth widely available and encouraged!

Water Cooler Time

Managers understand the significance of "water cooler" time where staff issues are quickly identified in a relaxed, private interactive environment.  VWS provides those opportunities in a number of different approaches.

Quality Social Time

After hours activities corporate or private.  Watch movies together, dance the night away at our clubs,  shop with friends for everything you need in our environments at no charge, join a hobby group, attend educational speaker presentations in our auditoriums.  


Total inclusion where disabilities never play a factor in determining employee value, where the playing field is always level, where acceptance is the norm.

Mission Accomplished

Immersive environment business tools will help achieve business Mission.

Improve Employee Morale

When was the last time staff couldn't wait to get to work?  Work next to your coworkers as avatars.  Interact with each other as though you were physically present!

Improved Supervision

Supervisors can see each employee's home computer screen to quickly respond to concerns, train more effectively and increase producitivty.

Reduce Travel Expense

Travel expense can be unnecessary when all of your staff and locations can work together in one large region or be just a teleport away.  Travel is unnecessary to receive the "being in the same room" feelings.  You're all together in our interactive, immersive regions.

Remove Social Isolation

Working in our virtual reality environments provides a strong sense of presence as though you're physically working with your staff and coworkers.  Socializing, entertainment, and recreation are only a teleport click away removing all of the feelings of social isolation.

Multi-Location Centralization

Does your business have more than one location?  Think of the great advantages of all employees working from all locations in one shared interactive, immersive environment!  Let's not forget the dramatic cost savings of no longer needing T&E expenses as your business no longer needs to meet in person!

Residential Communities

Offer your staff their own residential community where their family and friends can meet 24/7.  Active duty military members can reside in the same house, eat meals with the family, help their children with homework, offer family outings and provide the support each family member requires to live happily and productively in today's challenged times.


Live entertainment on webinars to see the real life person while they entertain "in-world" as an avatar.  Sports - watch as a group as if you were at the live event, play your favorite game or sport with coworkers, family or friends.  Dance to the music!

Quality Social Time

If a disability has left you out of the game, there's no stopping you here.  You feeling the feelings of your avatar's movements and actions and spend your free time doing what you've always wanted to do to raise the bar on enjoying life through virtual life.

What Our Clients Say

Lazaro Diaz, The Networked Doctors 

The Networked Doctors logo.PNG

Teaching is my passion and as several of my students have told me, I was born to teach!  But I don’t just teach, I convey information to others in a very unconventional way; and I’ve had great success in the process.

However, my nature is not one of standing still and just accept things as they are. That’s because I know that the only constant in life is change; and you can either adapt and overcome or get stuck in time and never move forward.

I was not happy with conventional methods of teaching (that’s why I left the brick & mortar system). I wanted to provide my students with a fun, engaging and an even better learning experience. Something new and innovative that they would always remember.... more