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The Possibilities Are Endless

Telework - Support - Social - Entertainment

Our Telework regions may be configured in whatever manner suits your business the best!

  1. Shared region office parks.  Rent your own building which is minimal cost by sharing a region with other companies.

  2. Private Telework Regions - Your own private region with as many office buildings and   other structures that meet region prim allowance.

  3. Combined Telework and Social Isolation Solutions regions - Take your pick of our standard regions or we can structure your own!


Telework Regions

  • Why pay for commercial real estate when our virtual environments provide better management control, increased productivity, a cohesive work place and huge cost savings?

  • Global workplace for multi-location companies.  Think of the cost savings!

  • Travel expense could be a thing of the past!

  • Level the playing field!  Using our realistic avatars can remove appearance based discrimination. 

  • Global talent pool - physical location is not an issue!

  • Work together - Play together!


Social Isolation Solutions

  • Support - Emotional, training, no restrictions

  • Residential - Separated families & friends live together virtually!

  • Education  - Campus & classrooms

  • Entertainment - Special events, nightclubs with avatar full animation, hundreds of dance choices!

  • Family - Active duty live in the same virtual house, help children with homework, fun outings such as amusement parks.

  • Recreation - Almost any recreation or sport can be experienced!

  • Maturity Levels Options - General & Adult


Support Programs

​Type or talk one on one or in a group.  

  • Social isolation support

  • 12 step recovery programs

  • Peer support

  • Immersive Wellness Rooms

  • Start your own group

  • Social Media on Steroids!

  • Never feel alone!



  • Your dream vacation awaits you 365 days of the year!

  • Dance, play sports, drive your own sailboat with real life controls, race!

  • Personalize and recreate your look but a click of a button~

  • Feel what it's like to be the "you" that you've dreamed of being (no silly animated characters!)

  • Shop (for free!)

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