Reducing Social Isolation

One Avatar at a Time!

24/7 interactive, immersive sense of presence opens the door from social isolation to enjoying all the activities you love to experience (Pre-COVID) without any of the associated fears!

  1. Entertainment, Socializing, Mental Health Support, Recreation, Shopping, Shared Interest Groups, Dating and Social Media on Steroids.. just to name a few exciting options for you to experience whenever the mood strikes!

  2. Private Residential Buildings or an Entire Private Region - Choose the home of your dreams or even build your own!  Live in a residential community or rent your own region for yourself, family or friends.  Security that prevents uninvited guests from seeing anyone on your parcel.  No more hiding in changing rooms to change clothes or do whatever your feel is your own private business.

  3. Everything (and we do mean everything) that is missing from your social isolated real life can be experienced in your new virtual reality life.  Experience it yourself to Feel the Feelings of all your custom avatar's movements and actions!


Live in the World You Dream Of!

  • Live in a tropical island, a city penthouse, a castle or any of our hundreds of free buildings.  The choice is yours.

  • Choose your free residential home

  • Decorate it with your favorite furniture

  • Landscape your property or an entire region

  • Change your environment from sunrise, mid-day, sunset or midnight with one click

  • Landscaping moves with the wind - you set the look and feel

  • Live with your friends or family on a private region


Experience What It Feels Like to Change Your Appearance

  • Overweight?  Always wanted to feel what it's like to be slender?

  • Blondes have more fun?

  • Dress any way you mood fits - All free inventory assets!

  • Try a new hair style any time you want.

  • Feel what it's like to wear flowing evening gowns and dance to your favorite music

  • Customize your look by a touch of body sliders

  • Design your own styles!

  • Clothes - Hair - Shoes - Jewelry - Makeup - Body Enhancements 


Support Programs

  • Social isolation support

  • 12 step recovery programs

  • Peer support

  • Immersive Wellness Rooms

  • Medical challenges support groups

  • Social Media on Steroids!

  • Coping with COVID support

  • Never feel alone!

  • 24/7 support



  • Watch movies with friends

  • Dance in clubs 

  • Shop Shop and Shop - ALL FREE inventory assets!

  • Sports 

  • Swim - Waterski - Sail - Scuba Dive

  • Residential communities let you choose the way you want to live virtually

  • Join a hobby club

  • Watch a live event in our auditoriums

  • Karaoke anyone?

  • Sports and more sports

  • Games

  • Meet that special someone that might even carry over into real life

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