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The Networked Doctors Testimonial

Lazaro Diaz, The Networked Doctors

Teaching is my passion and as several of my students have told me, I was born to teach!

But I don’t just teach, I convey information to others in a very unconventional way; and I’ve had great success in the process.

However, my nature is not one of standing still and just accept things as they are. That’s because I know that the only constant in life is change; and you can either adapt and overcome or get stuck in time and never move forward.


I was not happy with conventional methods of teaching (that’s why I left the brick & mortar system). I wanted to provide my students with a fun, engaging and an even better learning experience. Something new and innovative that they would always remember.


That’s when my team and I decided to explore the concept of Virtual Worlds and Virtual Learning/Training…I guess you can call this a type of “Gamification” in the e-Learning industry.


I have always known, coming from a classroom environment and having the opportunity of testing it out myself, that if you make the learning process fun for students, they would be eager to learn, participate and retain more of the information I provided and simultaneously give them access to the education they needed; thereby setting them up for a great future and a successful career.


And, already knowing that everyone should have an education and everyone also wants to be entertained, merging the two was a no-brainer. All you have to do is look at YouTube if your still not convinced.

So, we pondered on the idea that we could actually make this happen through a Virtual World or as some would call a Virtual Reality.


Imagine combining, entertainment with education…what a concept!

That’s when we teamed up with Virtua World Solution’s pilot; SAVL (Sponsor A Vet Life) and through the Director of VWS, Ilene Morris; we set out on a plan to do just that.

We called the program “Learn with Laz – Virtual Training” and we embarked on the mission that I had envisioned for my students; one that taught and prepared students to take and pass the CCNA certification exam through a Virtual Training environment that was fun and entertaining as well.


After a few months of trial and errors, we launched our first pilot program on April 4th with 10 students from around the globe.


Their backgrounds where as diverse as the countries they were from; I’m talking about places like New Zealand, Australia, UK, Indonesia, the Eastern part of the US to the Western shores of the Pacific and some places in between.

However, they all had one goal in common; to get ready to pass the CCNA certification exam and get their CCNA.

So, although the diversity was very prominent, their common goal united them as one!


This is where the Virtual World Solutions evens out the playing field for everyone…no longer is country, language, skin color, disability, age nor gender a barrier.


Virtual Worlds have evolved, and just like the new emerging technologies, they have empowered just about everyone in the planet that has access to a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. This new technology has given us the freedom to be or become whom or whatever we want.

Limitations are no longer acceptable; they have become obsolete.


For us, the pilot was a great success and the students’ feedback where just AWESOME!


Everyone responded with great enthusiasm towards the program and a very high percentage told us that, if given the chance, they would participate in this type of training again… JACKPOT!


The visual details of the Virtual World, in combination with the individuality of the Avatars in conjunction with the interactivity in the in-world environment, make it the perfect trifecta for a very unique learning experience that is fun, entertaining, but most of all conducive to a better learning experience and higher student retention of the subject at hand!


Having played several online games, myself, the concept was not totally new to me, however, I had not experienced it in such a personal level. And having VWS walking us through the process every step of the way, made it that much simpler to grasp.


The Virtual Environment along with Virtual Training for active and retired servicemen and women is a great way to either transition into Civilian life or to jump start a new career, all from the comfort of their home.


Time is no longer an issue because the only commute is between their own living space!


And excuses are no longer valid, because the opportunity to attend a Virtual Training is no longer exclusive to a particular time zone or hemisphere.


Virtual Worlds are making a difference in the lives of many Vets.


And with the help of VWS as a partner, that transition has become easier, affordable and available to all.

This hold true, especially when it comes to those suffering from PTSD, TBI, MST and/or those that are either mildly or severely disabled.


And, of course, if we can play a small role in preventing even one of the 22 vets that are currently committing suicide every single day…then we’ve made progress.


The Virtual World is a place where any of us can call home and can give us the capability to interact with others, thereby enabling a sense of belonging and comradeship that many vets are currently lacking.


For those that are interested in providing training without growth constraints; whether it’s for a company, a school or even a social environment that enables anyone from around the globe to participate, is something that is both profitable and highly sought after in this era of technological advances.


VWS is the perfect partner to guide you in creating the virtual experience you’ve always envisioned.

Not only will they take care of the technical issues involved in creating your perfect place in Cyber Space; but they will guide you through the teaching and learning process of your Virtual Environment.

Monitoring your Virtual World has also become easier than ever before!


You now have the capability of knowing who is paying attention, who is goofing around, who is participating, who is having fun and who is disrupting the class; because your virtual world is interactive and can be monitored in real time.

Trainers and teachers can give or take away access to certain capabilities that the Avatars can or can’t have; thereby giving them control of their classroom.


But, most importantly, the Virtual World is very affordable to both the trainer and vets alike!


In my own “Learn with Laz – Virtual Training”, I have allotted several FREE Avatars for vets that are interested in getting their CCNA certification. They are able to participate along with civilians in the training. This is important because the Virtual Training does not alienate or isolate anyone.


I partnered with VWS because I wanted to make a difference and I can’t see a better way of doing that than to provide those that have sacrificed their time, body and mind to provide all of us the freedom we currently enjoy.


The future of immersing ourselves in a Virtual Reality is no longer a sci-fi movie…the future is here, now and within grasp.


Your only limitation is your imagination!

Lazaro (Laz) Diaz


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ~Napoleon Hill