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United Nations Speaker/Committee Member & National Award Recipient for Innovative Telework Solutions for the Disabled Community Expands to Include Social Isolation Solutions, Generating - Affiliate Opportunities!
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E X P E R I E N C E   M A T T E R S!


What you are about to experience is far from a game.  Our 3D avatars are realistic and do not look like a silly game character jumping up and down running to their office.

Behind every avatar is a person.  This means you can share the virtual experience with other people as they're in the same environment as you are.  

  • Work in the same office

  • Attend an event together

  • Live virtually in the same residence

  • Meet new people at nightclubs

  • Attend speaker presentations in an outdoor auditorium

Let your imagination go.. Most likely we can take you there virtually!

We've proven our virtual reality solutions work for over 15 years.  Headgear completely optional.  They work so well, we have:

  • Helped save veteran's lives from suicide attempts

  • Employed thousands of individuals with disabilities to work remotely

  • Decreased social isolation by offering almost anything a human could possible enjoy in real life

  • Brought laughter and smiles to thousands of people's life experienced by accessing a software viewer on a computer 24/7


Award winning team of senior entrepreneurs and business turnaround consultants that understand what it takes to win against COVID-19 business operation and personal challenges.  The only Virtual World environment builder with the business expertise to possess over 15 years of proven VR environment build experience delivering successful results for Business Continuance, Telework, Social Isolation Solutions, and Mental Health Support resulting in improved interactive, immersive realistic experiences.

Our VR programs have included peer to peer mental health support for Veterans battling PTSD, training for VR telework, corporate environment cloning, educational facilities and immersive environments for employee retention and wellness.  

Why Do We Lead in VR Business Continuance Industry?

It's difficult to find a business that possess 15 years experience creating Virtual Reality Worlds with proven success.  It's almost impossible to find a business that combines the expertise of Global Senior Turnaround Consultants and former Directors of one of the top 10 national turnaround consulting firms that know how to apply that knowledge to your business in a Virtual Reality World environment!


We have served as interim CEO/CFO for hundreds of financially distressed businesses leading them back to profitability in the real world.  Now, we are applying the same business management knowledge / tools to build virtual reality environments to help companies and organizations improve efficiencies, profits and overall wellness of employees and customers.  

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Our Virtual Reality Worlds are built for your business and personal life challenges.  If you can imagine it, we can build it!  Whether it's Business Continuance, Behavioral Health, VR- Aftercare or just having fun without the restrictions of Social Distancing, we go the extra mile!  Join as a Community Member, Business or Group Interest (including your own Social Media VR Group!)



Free residential homes for our Global Business Community, rent a region or more for your business, grow your dreams as if there are

no restrictions including financial!


Become a member through your business or organization!

Access to Awesome Public and Private Communities 

Staff Retreats - Private Islands

Special Needs Telework Training & Jobs


Live Multiple Chats Support

Socialize - Recreation



White Label - Your own Virtual Region for your business!


Immersive, Interactive support far surpassing boring traditional 2D webinars!


If you can Dream it.. we CAN build it!


15+ years providing corporate and personal VR world solutions!

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