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VWS has the global and national recognition of proven Virtual Reality innovative solutions with over a decade experience applying VR to Wellness, Business and Personal life challenges;

  • Prolong Life with Home Pulmonary Rehab Exercise

  • We Help Stop PTSD Suicides

  • Fight Loneliness, Isolation and Agoraphobia

  • Change sick children's dreams to Virtual Realities

  • Real Life Faces for their Avatars

  • 3D Interactive, Immersive Environment made from pictures!

There is a way... a virtual reality way to resolve challenges 90% of us would never think to consider!


identifying VR utilization to create temporary escapes to reduce the pain, fear and loneliness of children is our main VR project for 2017.  




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Social Interaction - Business Communication - Recreation

Individuals with low self-esteem will find those feelings in the past and learn how one's self image affects everything in their lives.


Everyone has their own image of their perfect "self" in real life.  It seems no one is 100% satisfied with what they've inherited whether it's too heavy, too slim, too tall or too short.  

Everyone has ideal image of what they'd like to look like in real life.  No one is 100% satisfied with the way they look.  If you find someone that says there are, ask how much they paid for plastic surgery!


What does this have to do with Virtual Reality World services?


Your avatar, which is a 3D persona can be that exact "perfect you".  Based on virtual immersive, interactive capabilities, YOU will feel the feelings of your avatar's actions.


Think of those who are paralyzed, that have no life outside of the room they inhabit.


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Your avatar can represent your ideal "virtual" self.

  • Level the "playing field"

  • Feel what it's like to be "normal", attractive and desirable.

  • Bring those self-images and feelings into your real life........... AND LIVE!

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"I think it's people like you working on top of the VR platform who are going to change the world, and I look forward to seeing what you do with the Rift."

Michael Abrash

Oculus Chief Scientist

“Great stuff!"

Philip Rosedale, CEO

High Fidelity

Linden Labs, Former CEO

“What you are doing for people with incurable diseases is beyond the normal person's ability to comprehend! Good luck!  We know this will be a huge success and bring laughter and peace into the lives that have so little time left with us.”
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